Oceaner Carbon Monofin

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The WaterWay Oceaner Carbon monofin is a Carbon version of Oceaner monofin. It is specifically designed for open water swimming. Light, durable blade and comfortable Pathos footpockets make it a great recreational and training monofin for teenagers and adults.
Water enthusiasts will learn a proper undulation in the water and obtain a great core and leg workout.
An ergonomic Pathos footpockets with a high-quality 100% rubber can be worn tight yet maintaining a comfortable fit.

WaterWay Oceaner Carbon monofin is supplied with a Carbon blade produced with the most advanced high-pressure technology.
A high-quality carbon fibre blade is designed to ensure the maximum hydrodynamic efficiency is obtained while keeping the lightweight. The monofin comes with floating side wings. The technical enhancement brings a neutral-to-positive buoyancy making the fin weight less.
The average product weight is 1.8kg, and it depends on the chosen footpockets size, and blade stiffness.



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1 Soft, 2 Soft-Medium, 3 Medium, 4 Med-Hard, 5 Hard

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Blue, Red, White, Beige, Black, Violet, Yellow