Divein Combo Camouflage Wetsuit

Divein Combo Green Camouflage Wetsuit




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Product Description

Divein Combo Green Camouflage Wetsuit for spearfishing/freediving from Divein.

Material: high quality Heiwa neoprene.Open-cell inside for maximum warmth and comfort.

Made of 2 parts; high waist pants and a jacket. Supplied with speargun chest pad.

Combined DIVEIN wetsuits are made in such a way to provide spearfishers with adequate protection against the wind and improve hydrodynamics with their smooth sections, while providing sufficient robustness of more sensitive parts such as knees, elbows etc.

Size table

Additional Information

Weight 4 kg

Size 2- Small, Size 3- Medium, Size 4- Large, Size 5- XLarge, Size 6- XXLarge, Size 7- XXXLarge

Suit Thickness

3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 8mm

Size Table

divein sizes

divein sizes


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